Dont STEAL MY work - Copyright Infringement - Video

Last Night I had the pleasure of finding out that someone had STOLEN & was USING my work without my permission. To say I was miffed, would be an understatement. So I made a rant video.

If you are a person that takes other people's work and either passes it off as your own or just uses it without the original owners permission, you are nothing but a thief. You are no different than a shoplifter or bank robber. STEALING IS STEALING!

Now there are numerous things I could do, to protect my work further, but in all honesty I don't think I should. People should know that copyright infringement is a serious crime. Granted you may not be physically hurting someone, but you are stealing from someone. 

How would someone feel If I walked into their home without asking and stole their TV. Then used it for myself. It would be wrong and illegal. Thats exactly the same thing when someone uses my work without permission. 


Below is the image that was stolen along with the Instagram account. Feel free to send Mr crownlife23 a message on my behalf. (But keep it nice!)