Muddy Footprints - Part 1 - NSFW

I love working on location. There is so much freedom when I get to work outside. I love doing studio work and working in indoor locations. But nothing quite beats working outside in vast amounts of open space and having to work with whatever you have around you. I got to do such things with the awesome Kelly Maynard the other weekend. 

This was my first time working with kelly and after about 5 minutes of talking with her, I knew I had found the perfect model for the shoot we had planned. My idea was to head to the local forest near to where I live and play around with a couple of styles from simple beauty portraits to few more experimental art nude ideas. Kelly’s desire and commitment to our shoot was unlike anything I had previously experienced. She was quite literally willing to roll around in the cold wet mud for the sake of creating a beautiful set of images.I’m so glad we were lucky with the weather on the day, as for the previous 48 hours it had been constant heavy downpours and blusterous cold winds, and as much as I believe that Kelly would have stood for a period of time in the rain if it meant getting a good image, I didn’t feel that would have been fun or the right thing to do for our first shoot together. Here're a few of the images from our day in the woods. More will follow.